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Travis Bingham said:   December 12, 2013 12:55 pm PST
We heard about Countryside from friends who sent their lab puppy to Jill and Erin. We read the their online testimonials and wanted to send our five month old Labrador, Reacher, to attend obedience training. We have three small children at home, ages three, five and eight. Reacher is a good spirited dog but he was becoming too much for the kids to handle and we was really beginning to assert his dominance over the kids. I reached out to Erin online and she answered all of my questions and put me at ease about sending our dog away for four weeks. We picked Reacher up last Friday and are amazed and thrilled at how well he is doing. Erin did a remarkable job with him and it was easy to see the bond she and the dog shared. During our pickup appointment Erin spent nearly three hours coaching us on how to handle the dog in any number of situations. Her advice and recommendations have proven to be tremendously valuable. As soon as we came home he was a new dog with the kids. They love having him around and can now take him on walks and never worry about him running out of control. Thank you Erin for giving our family a wonderful dog we can all enjoy. Thankfully Travis Bingham

Heather Katz said:   September 24, 2013 9:36 am PST
My boyfriend and I sent our 6 month old yellow lab to Countryside Kennel for bird training/obedience. He has been home for a couple months and is still just as well mannered as the day he came home. Jill, the owner, is absolutely amazing!!!!! Every person who meets our dog is amazed at how great he behaves. I will recommend this place over and over again and will be bringing my dog back for refresher courses when bird season approaches every year. Thank you Jill!!!!

Emily Crist said:   September 13, 2013 10:46 am PST
I thought my dog was beyond help before I found Erin at Countryside Kennel. I have an almost 70 pound staffordshire terrier that overpowered me on every walk, had no respect for commands, and really treated me like I was his pet human. Not only was I doubtful Chico was going to return home from "doggy boot camp" any different at all, but I was worried he would hate it and hate me for making him miss a whole month of sprawling out on my bed, leaving his pet human a pillow, maybe. Erin was so understanding when I dropped him off, even when I drug out a foo-foo doggie bed from the back of my car and asked a million questions to make sure my lil honey bucket was going to be taken good care of. A month later, I received back this handsome furry angel that sit, stayed, did NOT sleep on my bed, and didn't bark and whine with anxiety at every little noise. He came back a legitimately happier canine. That's just the beginning, the big guy goes on walks like an award winner. He walks by my side and doesn't pull on the leash at all. Also, with the electronic collar training that Erin so brilliantly did with him, I am in control again. I'm no longer terrified another dog or, goodness forbid, a cat will walk by and ruin our walk. Hands down the best money I've ever spent. Thank you Erin!

Crystal Lewis said:   December 10, 2012 3:31 pm PST
I have had two dogs trained by Erin at Countryside Kennel. My first was a pug/american eskimo mix that had a mind of his own. When we first adopted him he was 10 months old and had no manners at all. He would bolt out the front door every chance he got and would not return. After spending six weeks at Countryside Kennel he had manners and would actually come when he was called. Thanks to Erin we were able to enjoy our dog like we should all be able to do. Our second dog we had trained by Erin was a lab/pit/who knows what mix. He was a puppy, but working full time and raising two children it was hard to give the time to train him as needed. He was very eager to please and it took no time for him to learn the rules of our home. Thank You so much Countryside Kennel for helping us to be able to enjoy our four-legged family members.

Tana Wilmar said:   December 2, 2012 2:32 pm PST
Best dog training ever!

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