In February of 2011 I rescued Willy, a 10 month old, 125 pound Bloodhound/Mastiff. Within 24 hours of him being at our home I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into”. He jumped on everyone, followed his bloodhound nose to no end, pulled us down the street when on a leash and had no doggie social skills at all. He was a 125 pound wrecking ball. A friend that had previously had two dogs trained by Erin referred me to Countryside Kennel. What an amazing transformation! Willy was a little slow to catch on so he was there for about 5 weeks but when he came home he was a new dog. He heels perfectly, comes immediately when called and has become just the best big boy ever. As soon as Willy came home I knew Daisy, the Weimaraner, needed to have a visit with Erin. Daisy was awful on a leash and would dart out the door and run to the neighbors (two acres away) and you can forget ever coming when called. Again, an amazing transformation was made in the four weeks she spent with Erin at Countryside Kennel.  When at the 1000 acre dog park in Troutdale, OR there was an unruly dog coming so I called Willy and Daisy they immediately came, sat at my feet and waited until I released them. The owner of the other dog said to me “you are a dog trainer aren’t you”. I smiled and said no but if you send your dog to Countryside Kennel he will behave just like they do. And then there was dog three….Last winter, when my daughter turned 18 she got an Aussie puppy. There was one condition with getting the Aussie, she must go and spend  a month with Erin. Skye the Aussie is currently going through Erin’s obedience training and I know that she will come home as well behaved as Daisy and Willy. We also use Countryside Kennel to care for our dogs when we are out of town. I definitely recommend  them to anyone. It makes for a much happier household when you have well behaved dogs.



Karen Salman 

Bringing Milo to Countryside Kennels was a decision that should have been made much sooner. Before Erin worked her magic, Milo would jump all over people and furniture, dig at the carpets, dart out any open doors, and many times completely ignore anything I ever said. Even after using the Petsmart training courses, Milo would only sit and stay if there was food in my hand. My cousin had brought her dog to Countryside Kennels and when I met him I was so impressed with his behavior I had to ask what her secret was, that is when she referred me to Erin. Erin was able to not only teach Milo the basics of obedience, she was able to pinpoint and correct what I was doing to hinder his learning ability. I am incredibly impressed with how far he has come, Milo is able to do the simple obedience commands such as sit and stay, but also walks loose leash, comes when called, even when he is on the other side of a field or dog park, he waits to be invited onto furniture, and will not dart out of the front door when it opens, the list goes on and on. This was the best investment I have ever made, and would highly recommend it for any dog.

Melissa Hilderbrand     


 It has been a week and Otis is doing very well!!  Of course he has his moments but I am very impressed and happy with his progress!  I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work!  It is great to have him back home again!  Take care! 

 ~ Heather


 Thank you for the training. Bleu is an awesome dog. My husband could not be happier. All of us are in a learning curve, she does test us, usually first thing in the morning, its getting better everyday.  Thank You again we are very happy to have Bleu be our family dog and she is happy too! Your AWESOME!!!!!
                                                                                                             ~ Debbie


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Very happy

Not only do they board your dog, but they also train your dog with basic commands and for hunting. Hands down, it has been the best money I have spent to get my dog trained. They are the best priced for boarding in the area. I highly recommend taking your dog here for training or boarding.



Fantastic!!! I adopted 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier from a shelter and while i love her, she had some issues. Before her month long training with Erin i called my dog "The Terrorist" and now she is a well behaved, obediant dog. Both of us are so much happier! The dog becuase she has so much more freedom because i can now trust her. Im happier because everything isnt a battle anymore. 

I could keep going on about how great this experience has been but the just give the highights Countyside Kennel is; a Great value, a positive learning envoirnment for my dog, run by Loving and Caring family, and all around Fantastic. 

I am so happy i utilized their services and i would give them 10 stars if the scale went that high!

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